How a german online-shop reduced customer questions by 80%

A customer of our new module Advanced Category Navigation has a shop layout, that is nearly the same as the default Magento template.

The products of this store need a little more information, because all products are used as boxes for specific tires and rims with several measurements.

Before this shop was using the Advanced Category Navigation they were receiving many phone calls from customers every day who needed help to find the right product.
After the module was installed in his shop the the shop owner was exited, because there were almost no more phone calls from his customers.

Our customer is a great example for how to use the Advanced Category Navigation to get a great overview with brief descriptions for your products.

The Magento module helped his customers to find the correct product by adding descriptions to the categories, using categories as groups and by displaying the products right next to the categories. This will give a better summary to the user. This let the user decide much faster, which of the products are best for him.

You will find our module Grafzahl AdvancedCategoryNavigation in our shop or on magentocommerce.com/connect.

We also provide a detailed documentation for an easy installation and fast setup of the module.

Purchase AdvancedCategoryNavigation in our Store.

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