How to pay with Paypal in Magento from the Admin Panel?

If you or your sales team creates orders for your customers over the Magento adminpanel sometimes, you might came to this issue: You cannot select Paypal in the Backend order.

This seems logical if you think about the Paypal payment process: after the checkout you are redirected to the Paypal website for the purchase. This is not possible in a situation, where you are creating an order for a customer, because you do not have his password (e.g. if you talk with the customer on the phone or in person in your local store). This is a general issue for all payment options like Paypal like Sofort.com, Klarna, Billsafe and so on.

But with a little workaround, you can easily let your customers pay with Paypal while you are ordering for him in the Magento Backend.

The solution

We are adding a Backend Payment method which is called "Paypal" with no further program logic. This ensures, the order and invoice information shows the correct payment method.

BackendPayment provides payment methods like cash, debit and Paypal
After we created the order, we go to our the official Paypal website and use the "Request money" function. This allows you to enter the Paypal Email address of your customer and the amount of the order to request the money over Paypal.

For the developers 

It is easy to provide a new payment method which is only available in the admin panel and not on the customers checkout. Just create a new module with the default folders and configuration for at least models, blocks and helpers.

The first thing you need is a model which looks like the following (you have to change class names to your correct namespace):

 * Grafzahl_BackendPayments
 * @category    Grafzahl
 * @package     Grafzahl_BackendPayments
 * @copyright   Copyright (c) 2016 Grafzahl (https://grafzahl.io)
 * @license     https://grafzahl.io/license

class Grafzahl_BackendPayments_Model_PaypalPayment
    extends Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract
    protected $_code = 'backendpayments_paypal';
    protected $_infoBlockType = 'backendpayments/info';
    protected $_canUseInternal = true;
    protected $_canUseCheckout = false;
    protected $_canUseForMultishipping  = false;

    public function __construct()

The second thing is to create the related block from the model in the attribute $_infoBlockType. The block just needs to extend the block Mage_Payment_Block_Info. Now check the extending block and update the methods to your needs.

Complete ready to use solution

Such a payment method, mentioned above is already available. You can download BackendPayments from our grafzahl.io store and install it in your Magento store from version 1.7.x - 1.9.x with no pain.

This will provide you three new payment methods in your admin panel order form: Paypal, Debit and Cash. You can even use any other payment provider instead of Paypal. The title can be edited in the system configuration.

With this module you can also create order with the method Cash payment and Debit Payment. If you have a little local store which you manage with a Magento Shop-System, you will be able to create orders with cash payment from your admin panel.

You can also configure if these methods should automatically create the invoice for you. For further information, check our documentation source.

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